Kylar Black

Tormented by his past, he looks onwards to the flavor of sweet revenge.


Human, Male – Rogue 1

Str 16 Hp 8
Dex 17 AC 16 [Studded Leather] – Flat Footed: 13 / Touch:13
Con 15 Initiative: +3
Int 16 Fortitude: +3
Wis 11 Reflex: +5
Cha 15 Will: +0
Weapon Hit Damage Crit Range
Short Sword x2 +3 1D6+3 19-20 X2
Dagger X6 3(3 thrown) 1D4+3 19-20 X2 10’
Short Bow +3 1D6 X3 60’

Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Feint

Skill Mod Skill Mod Skill Mod
Balance 4 Hide 7 Sense Motive 2
Bluff 6 Craft(Poisons) 7 Sleight of Hand 7
Climb 5 Jump 5 Spot 2
Disable Device 5 Listen 2 Tumble 7
Disguise 6 Move Silently 7
Escape Artist 5 Open Lock 5
Gather Information 4 Search 5

Special: Sneak Attack 1d6, Trap Finding, Bene1 (reroll)

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Thieves’ cant

EQUIPMENT Access to an Alchemy Lab

Clothing: Black Veil, Black Tattered Cloak, Black Leather Boots

Person Concealed Backpack
Wrist Sheath (x2) Thieves Tools
Shin Sheath (x2) Rations&Skin
4 Daggers Silk Rope 30’
Disguise Kit
Flint and Steel
Hammer and 8 Nails
Climbers Kit
Holy Symbol

It was back 22 years ago, when a lord of Tabersyl sought liquid courage to remain strong and to loosen up his heartache over the burned lands he had just lost in the Kinig raids. After drinking entirely too much and fawning the barmaid all night long, he snuck into the kitchen and raped her, and without a trace was gone.

3 years later, the earl promotes to a earl, and shortly after, receives a threatening letter from the barmaid. Instead of meeting her demands, he sends an assassin to hush her up for good. One day, out on the docks, the barmaid was struck in the back. Shocked, she turned to see her assailant, then she looked back to the bedroll she had set down near one of the piers, then back at her assailant once again before she tumbled off into the waters depth.

Milly, 8 at the time, an orphan in a click of orphan ruffians, was out trying to catch some fish, as she stumbled upon a bedroll. Excellent, she thought, a real treasure! However when she got closer, there was a crying sound coming from it. It was a child, an abandoned child. Taken to her own abandonment, she endeared the kid as if was her long-lost brother, she took him into the click of orphanage, which was an abandoned warehouse. A lifetime of hardships to come, they grew up stealing and gathering information for the orphan elders to provide their cost for shelter. It wasn’t much, but it was a place where they called home.

Time has shifted, and the time has now elapsed 12 years, when a tragic incident took hold that changed the way Tim innocently perceived life and broke mentally. One cold night, the elder orphans conceived of a few new plans to bring more money in and to cut the fat of their orphanage click. It seemed Milly was not paying her weekly fees, as she was growing older and older and learning the hardships of other peoples loss and own sufferings at the cost of stealing and killing. She continued to strive to do the right thing, but they were not getting any richer by her being defiant. One night, they beat her so hard she came back with a black eye and bloody lip. This gave a strong fear and a loss of security to Tim. He tried working extra hard, and started giving her a share of his own. This fooled them for a few months, until Frederick, one of the elders, learned the truth of what had been happening, and demanded that she would pay as well, and if Tim could earn so much money that he expected him to start bringing back that much every week. It was nearly impossible, and so the beatings became more and more frequently and brutal for Milly. One night, she came home so black and blue, she could barley breath. Outraged, Tim sprung forth with a jagged glass behind his back with teeth bared, and set after the orphanage elders and attacked the one called Frederick. Gashing him from eyebrow to chin and rendering him useless, the others easily tackled Tim as he thrashed and tried to kill all of them. As it were, his emotions got the best of him, and was trampled by the other orphans. As a result, he was forced to watch as they brought Milly in and all had turns at raping her. Afterward they beat her so badly that she lay limp with clouded eyes staring at Tim. Everything snapped, he couldn’t breath, she was dead, and these guys killed her. He started screaming but was knocked unconscious. when he came to, he was being slapped by Evan, yet another elder, brother of Frederick. For slicing up his brothers face, he was taking pleasure in torturing Tim, and for the few hours that came, it seemed like days of unimaginable pain to the point where he passed out. When he awoke again, he was being thrown off the piers, gagged and banded, anchored by a large boulder. He started panicking, he was going to drown, he quickly started to escape the bondage but by the time he got free it was too late, and he was out of air.

A few days had passed, and he found himself waking up in a unfamiliar bed. It was the bed of a man that was once in the Royal Guards, Richard, now retired and enjoying life as a fisher. He was alive, and this stranger had saved him in the waters. A miracle had happened, but all he could do was cry.

8 years has passed, and now heads for the city that he grew up in. The city where Milly passed away, the city of pain and hate. 20 years old now, he has grown into a fine looking man, stern and lean, with eyes so cold that could freeze a white dragon. His new life had cleansed him into a mature adult that set him aside from the past, back when he called himself Tim. His name now is Kylar, Kylar Black. After years of training and learning how to bring upon the most pain possible to the elders that were involved, he sets his first step back into Tabersyl.

1 Year has passed, the only person left in Tabersyl that Kylar keeps any contact with is an old apothecary named Brendon Swift. This man has taught Kylar the ropes to making the best poisons as well as some tricks to become immune to most poisons. As a front, Kylar makes antidotes and balms to help cure sicknesses and diseases with the old man, while making poisons for the underworld side of Brendon’s other occupation.

Kylar Black

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