Welcome to the City of Tabersyl. Barony of Taber has fallen on dark times. The Archduke Gassanyl, leader of the Archduchy of Glansdryl, is occupied on the war with Kingdoms of Corstrail and his Eastern baronies have been left to fend for themselves over the last four years. The Baron Odfred Taber died two years ago and his son Willhelm Taber, a boy of 13, has ascended to the Bull-Crown Chair. His aunt, the Countess Jezmean Col-Taber, is acting Regent and guardian of the boy, but her motives have been called into question by members of the boy’s court.

With the war in the West the economy is in shambles. The city is close to ruin, but she is also ripe. A man could steal a crown, charm a whole city worth of women, or just survive. Tabersyl is ready, now taketh her…

Character Creation

Stats – DMG page 169, 28 points to use in the points buy system

Live Free or Die Rolling Dice

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