A city on the verge

Population: 14,500
Demographics: Primarily Human / Secondary Dwarf, Halfling, Half-elf / Limited Elf, Gnome, Other

The largest city in the East. She lies on the border of wild lands farther east, the small provinces of robber barons to the south, the small kingdom of mages (Selmuc) to the North, and the pirates that ply the seas and river Syl.

Tabersyl is built straddling the river Syl nearly 50 miles upriver from the deltas where the Syl meets the Selmuc Sea. Another 100 miles further upriver is the capital city of Glansdryl. She is built on both sides of the river and her many bridges span the isles of the great river Syl. Tabersyl has two sets of walls to defend her. The great 20 meter high Knights Wall that encompasses the city as she stood after the War of Rights 100 yeas ago and the lesser Grey wall built after much of the newer city burned in the Kinig raids twenty years ago. The city has great chains that can be raised to block the river. These chains are made of ancient enchanted stone and cannot be cut, but requires 100 men and 200 mules to raise.

Tabersyl is the home of the Barony of Taber and the Bull-Crown Chair. She is the largest city in the East of the Archduchy and controls trade up and down the great river. The downriver waters are deep enough for seafaring vessels and she brings trade in from distant lands across the Selmuc Sea. The main economy of Tabersyl is moving the sea trade onto barges to be moved upriver into the heart of the kingdom. The city also lies on the main trade route to the Northern seaside city-state of Selmuc.

Sometimes the denizens of Tabersyl speak fondly of the Night of 1000 Virgins, where many young men were forced to impregnate numerous virgins, so that Baron Von Dikifair could offer 1000 newborns to an ancient god. The god refused the offering and made the Baron eat every newborn instead, proving his fealty.


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