Ezzh Spero



Human, Male – Scout 1

Str 13 Hp 9
Dex 17 AC 16 [Studded Leather] – Flat Footed: 13 / Touch:13
Con 13 Initiative: +3
Int 14 Fortitude: +1
Wis 16 Reflex: +5
Cha 14 Will: +2
Weapon Hit Damage Crit Range
Short Sword x2 +1 1D6 19-20 X2
Dagger X2 +1(4) 1D4 19-20 X2 10’
Composite Short Bow (+1) +3 1D6+1 X3 70’

Feats: Able Learner, Urban Tracking, Leap of the Heavens

Skill Mod Skill Mod Skill Mod
Balance 3 Hide 7 Sense Motive 3
Bluff 5 Intimidate 2 Sleight of Hand 5
Climb 5 Jump 4 Spot 6
Diplomacy 2 Knowledge (Local) 6 Survival 3
Disable Device 1 Listen 3 Swim 1
Disguise 6 Move Silently 7 Tumble 6
Escape Artist 3 Open Lock 4 Use Rope 3
Forgery 2 Profession
Gather Information 6 Search 2

Special: Skirmish 1D6, Trapfinding

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gutterspeak


Clothing: Cloak, Surcoat, Tunic, Breeches, Leather Boots (Dagger Sheath & Whipsaw), Leather Gloves, Wrist Sheath (left)

Girdle Bandoleer Backpack
Short Sword Scabbard Quiver x 20 [Concealed Short Sword Scabbard] Diguise Kit [1lb]
Dagger Sheath Shortbow Harness Spare Clothes [3lbs]
Marbles, Bag x 2 Hemp Rope (50’) Bolt Cutters [5lbs]
Money Pouch, Concealed Marbles, Bag Grappling Hook, Collasping [2lbs]
Torch Hammock [1lb]
Twine [30’]
Tarp 10′×10′
Rations + Waterskin

Ezzh grew up on the streets of Glansdryl. He was an urchin, homeless and hungry. He spent much of his days looking for food and shelter for the night. He relied on the charity of an occasional merchant or the church soup lines. Most kids his age didn’t make it through the cold winter nights, but Ezzh struck a deal with a local stablekeep. He cleaned the stable daily and was allowed to sleep in the loft above the animals. He nearly froze to death, but was sheltered from the elements.

As Ezzh grew older, he started having trouble with a local gang of older urchins. They would bully him and steal what little he had. Ezzh quickly learned to avoid the thugs by any means necessary. He shadowed them and learned their territory, which he avoided from that point forward. Problem was, he lived right in the middle of it. So he learned to move through the crowd and hide in plain sight, sometimes with the aid of an occasional disguise. Ezzh never carried anything of value on him when he thought they might find him.

One night, Ezzh awoke to the sounds of hushed voices. The gang had discovered where Ezzh was staying, and they were setting the stables on fire. Ezzh grabbed a dagger he kept with him and leapt down onto one of the boys, driving the dagger deep into his ribs, a fatal wound. The other boys stood in shock for a moment then drew their own weapons and advanced toward Ezzh who was already running out the front door. Ezzh managed to get away, knowing the back allies better than the bullies, but the stables were burnt to the ground and the animals killed inside.

Ezzh approached the stables after the fire had died down, to find the stable master sobbing over the ruins of his livelihood. He looked up and saw Ezzh but said nothing. Ezzh tried to explain what happened, but the man didn’t seem to hear a word. Ezzh vowed to get revenge.
Ezzh was still a kid, but now resolved to kill like only a man could. He knew of a local weaponsmith who drank during the evenings, because he used to climb onto his roof and sleep near the chimney during the summers. Posing as a young beggar, he managed to pickpocket the weaponsmith on his way to the pub. He quickly went back to his shop and slipped inside the side entrance. He had never seen so much of value ripe for the taking. He took only what he needed, a shortbow, a few extra bowstrings, two quivers of arrows, and two daggers.

He quickly stashed the weapons in one of his safe spots. He changed his disguise and managed to find the weaponsmith leaving the pub right on time. He bumped into him and slipped the key back into its pocket without notice. He didn’t return to the weapons until he was ready. He stole some warm clothes a small survival pack and waited until nightfall the next day. He gathered his weapons and slipped past the city walls near the docks. He slipped past the outlying farms and found the forest’s edge by early morning.

Ezzh was resolved to learn to sustain for himself. Never again would he rely on another to provide from him. He spent the first few days hungry, cautiously testing roots and berries. He then focused on learning to use his bow. After a month of struggling in the wild, Ezzh began to find rhythm in survival. He was a natural with the bow and soon learned what was safe to eat. He would see an occasional traveler or another hunter, but took extreme caution to remain unseen. He remained in the woods outside Glansdryl until the first snow. He was only 14, yet confident in his abilities to stalk and kill a prey, protect himself from the elements, and provide himself nourishment.

He headed back to Glansdryl with a new prey in mind. He slipped back into the city the same way he had left. He stashed his weapons, except for a single dagger, in one of his old safe spots. He found a dry place to rest for the night. The next day, he stripped down and stashed his clothes in a safe spot, then shivering, approached a temple. They fed him, cleaned him up and gave him some new clothes. He then headed out to secure new arrows, as he had very few left and they were in sore shape. He had lifted a small purse off one of the clerics in the temple while they were helping him dress.

He went to a fletcher and purchased new arrows and two new bowstrings. He hid the arrows right away. He spent the next few days scouting the city, looking for the remaining five thugs that were his prey. He found two of them near the market one morning. They had bulked up and even grown facial hair He followed them for the morning, hoping they would lead him to the others. They ducked inside a inn, called the Fruitful Fox, in the heart of the docks ward. He joined a couple beggars across the street. After a while, he had earned their trust with flattery and a couple begging tips. They told him that the inn was a headquarters of a guild called the Reds. Ezzh knew he had to proceed with caution, not wanting to invite the wrath of a thieves’ guild down upon him.

He spent the next week shadowing the bullies, learning where they slept, where they ate, and whom they engaged with. Ezzh was ready, he still hadn’t found the 5th bully, but needed to make his move on the other 4. That night there was a bad rainstorm, with temperatures low enough to cause freezing rain. He found each one where he found them the previous few nights, two in the brothel, one in a small house with a family, and one in a bunkhouse. It didn’t even take him an hour to execute each one. He wasted no time and was gone as quickly as he came.

The next day he stopped by the stables where he saw the old man had rebuilt some of the structure. He was standing for a couple moments, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw the 5th thug, wearing a guard’s uniform, and accompanied by three other guards. He tried to shrug him away, but the three guards grabbed him and took him to the ground. The 5th thug, the guards called him Lt. Dom, read aloud a warrant for the arrest of a street urchin named Ezzh, wanted for the murder of 4 men. He snarled as he read it, seeming to be torn between reading and running Ezzh through. He stepped forward and slammed his chained gauntlet into Ezzh’s face. Stripped down to nothing in freezing temperatures, Ezzh was drug through the streets to the constable’s quarters.

Ezzh was placed in a cell and given just a pair of pants. His name was logged into a scroll and Dom was sure to tell him that his penalty would surely be death. Ezzh spent that entire winter inside a cell with two other prisoners, an elf and another human. He became friendly with the elf, and passed the time listening to his tales of history and elven lore. After what must have been months, Ezzh growing his first beard and having wild hair, he was escorted out of the cell into a magistrate’s chambers where he was to receive his sentence. He saw Dom standing behind the magistrate, bearing a huge grin. It took less than a minute to read his sentence: death by public execution. Dom was delighted.

It has been 4 years since Ezzh escaped his execution. A masked ally, an admitted enemy of the Reds, provided an escape in return for undisclosed favors. Ezzh agreed and left town immediately. He retrieved his gear from his safe spots and left Glansdryl for good. He spent the rest of the year living in the forest outside of Tabersyl, gathering his courage to start over again.

He has now been living in Tabersyl for the past 4 winters. When Ezzh was first called upon by his unknown ally, which he calls The Saint, he was asked to provide services for a dwarven fence, named Wollax, living in the Trade district. Wollax serves as Ezzh’s fence and only employer in Tabersyl.

Ezzh has set up several safe houses, sometimes no larger than a supply closet, throughout Tabersyl. He tries to never travel well armed, and has several weapons caches throughout the city. Wollax has requested Ezzh keep tabs on several locales thought to be hotspots of guild activities. Ezzh is just now starting to unhinge himself from the pitfalls of his former life. He is once again calm and steady, ready for what lies in wait.

Ezzh Spero

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